Sunday, June 24, 2018

5 Ways To Help Your Child Prepare For Their First Day Of Camp

The first day of camp can be daunting for any child (and parent!). Like most kids, your child might be feeling hesitant to go somewhere new and meet people they have never met before. The good news is, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to help you minimize the stress and help your child prepare for their first day of camp.

1 Let Your Child Know Their Schedule

At Camp Blue Dolphin Summer Camp, you will be able to see your schedule each week in the News area of your campintouch account, so that you know all of the fun activities planned for your campers for the week. Please take some time to review the schedule with your child so that they know exactly what to expect. This will make them feel excited and build their anticipation for their very first day of camp.

2 Listen to Your Child’s Worries

Although it might be tempting to quickly reassure your child and move on, it’s important that your child feels like their worries have been heard. Remind your child that what they are feeling is completely normal and that you will be there for them in the unlikely event that any issues arise. If there is a specific worry, do not hesitate to speak to our camp staff and so that we can help explain procedure for your child.

3 Remind Your Child That They Aren’t Alone


 It’s easy for children to forget that they aren’t the only one who feel uneasy about starting camp. Remind them that camp counselors know and understand that campers are feeling a little anxious and that they will be making an extra effort to make everyone feel comfortable. 

4 Create a Goodbye Ritual

One of the biggest anxieties kids have before their first day of camp is that you’re not coming back. To increase your chances of a tear-free goodbye, try inventing a special parting ritual such as saying something like, “I’ll be back to get you soon, long before we see the moon”, or even a secret handshake! This reassurance minimizes separation anxiety and helps your child enter the camp environment with confidence. Be sure to make a pact in advance that once this ritual occurs, you will leave no matter what. Although leaving is the hardest thing to do for any parent, keep in mind that tears usually subside quickly once you leave!

5 Don’t Rush Through The Morning

Let’s face it, nobody likes to race through a morning routine. So be sure to get everyone up early enough so you and your child have ample time to eat breakfast, chat, get ready, pack (and even get through a tantrum or two!). You’ll get to camp with ample time to meet counselors and get off to a great start! A child that is not rushed is less likely to develop anxiety.